Simple machines - group cut and sort

We were lucky to have "Scientists in Schools" come to visit us this week with their workshop for simple machines! The kids had a BLAST! 

Yesterday, after the workshop, I split the students into groups to see how they could do with a cut/sort activity. It created lots of great discussion about how many of the pictures included more than one simple machine. 

Here is my class hard at work: 

Then we talked about HOW the simple machines move. We went over some movement words to practise to help us. We brainstormed different objects that move, and then decided which was the best one to represent each movement: 

Then I had my class do the same thing on their own paper, to keep in their Science duotang for this unit.


Bonjour l'hiver

This week we have been practising a new song called "Bonjour l'hiver", by Charlotte Diamond! 

It's VERY catchy! It has been stuck in my head all week. 

Check it out here on youtube. 


Winter writing

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a great week back after the break!

This week we practiced our writing. In the fall, we did guided writing as a class. Now my goal is for them to be able to come up with sentences independently. We have words on our word wall, as well as a winter word wall and a chart of sight words. My goal is to get my students used to using all of these resources around the classroom to help them when they are writing.

Together, we decided that the goal for their writing was "au moins 3 phrases". They also had to use each of the words in the box at least once.

My students earn pompoms as a class that can be redeemed for free choice on Fridays. The more pompoms they have earned as a class, the more minutes of free choice they get. We decided that for today they would get 1 pompom for each sentence they wrote down. It was a great motivator!

Here is some of their work:

These are from my tpt store here!

Getting my class talking about WINTER

I updated my cubes today to make them more specific to what we are talking about in class. Here are some of the sides: 

They are pretty simple sentence prompts for Grade 2, so the expectation for my class is that they "stretch" their sentences (add more details). The boys LOVE playing this as a centre... any excuse to throw something!! Of course, we went over "tossing"/what was ok to do in school vs. throwing the cube across the classroom. 

I bought my cubes at a teacher supply store, but I have since found the exact same ones online at amazon here. I love them! 

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