Sticker stories

I posted about sticker stories a while ago on my blog here. When I have grade 2s, we start sticker stories in the fall. With my grade ones, I don't introduce them until the spring.


Practicing telling/writing stories

We have worked really hard all year on creating sentences with lots of details. My kids are really comfortable now adding details to make longggggg sentences, with colours, numbers, sizes, etc.

Now we are shifting focus to more functional sentences! We are learning to tell short stories in French. We've been practicing together following a general format.



I took some photos to share this morning as we worked through some of our centres!

I try to keep a balance between introducing new vocabulary and keeping all the old (known) vocabulary in our centres. Some students like the change and challenge of new vocabulary - but I find some need the confidence that comes with those really familiar words. 

Teaching bird's eye view

We have started the mapping part of our community unit! We borrowed some doll's house furniture from kindergarten land and used them to teach the concept of bird's eye view. This is something that my grade 1s find to be quite challenging when we work through mapping.


What we've been working on...

Ok so it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring MIGHT be coming soon. We had snow on the weekend and rain this morning. No more negative temperatures in the forecast this week!!! 

Last week we went back to our seasonal changes unit to talk about the transition from winter to spring. My poor little ones were having a hard time wrapping their heads around the typical spring activities we talked about, as they're all very different to the snow and winter boots they're still experiencing. 


Shrinking during printing

This week I found a new trick for shrinking things when I'm printing them! I can't believe I didn't think to try it before. Normally I print 2 pages per page when I'm printing to save on ink and laminating sheets, but this week I played around with the zoom button.

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