Winter reading assessments

Last week we finished making our own winter clothing mini books, and I'll be assessing their reading this week! Although they're familiar with the books and have practiced them, it still gives me lots of great information about their reading.


C'est Noel!

As we wrap up the LAST 5 days before the break, I'm looking for fun things to keep my little ones motivated and focused. I could already feel the challenges last week as they had tons of energy! 


Fall assessments

This week I did a reading check-in with the animal/preposition book we had been reading together in class. It was really informative to see which students were using the pictures as cues, which were singing the preposition song to see what words were, and which were mixing up sight words (such as "le" and "la"). All in all, they did a great job! 


Quand --> je....

Ah what a crazy past few weeks it's been! Here's what we've been working on recently...
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