Spring Daily 5/Centres

Here are some pictures of my class during "Daily 5" with Spring activities! 

Bang! is a favourite of theirs - they pull a card from the bucket and can keep it if they can use the vocabulary in a sentence. They try to collect the most cards by the end of the game. If they get a "bang!" card, they can pull another card. Sometimes we also play that they have to put all their cards back into the bucket. 


Here they are testing my spring "freebie" on TPT. They have to sort the cards into the correct order to make the correct sentences! 

These cards have pictures that match the word wall cards/flashcards I use with them. They can write sentences on the laminated cards:

Here are two of their desks! They LOVE writing on their desks. They can draw a picture and write sentences to describe it. We are working on different strategies for sounding out words and for editing (P.O.M.M.E.S.). 

Here is a puzzle game for vocabulary acquisition/reading practice: 

Last but not least, some Read to Self :) 

What do your students love to choose during Daily 5?


Learning about different countries

Right now we are working on our "Global Communities" unit! For this unit, will be doing research on one country from each continent. 

This week we "travelled" to Brasil! We watched a video about life and animals in Brasil. Together we worked through the organiser. Then we used the organiser to help write a postcard to someone back "home"!

Our organiser: 

The back of the postcards:

A completed postcard: 

What do you do to learn about different countries with your students? 


Earth Day Promise

Our classroom is now all set for Earth Day! 

We used coffee filters from Dollarama, and blue & green markers. They quickly sketched the continents onto the filter and then coloured in the water around them. The markers went through the coffee filter, so make sure you have them do this over a piece of newspaper. Then they each got to spray their world with a spray bottle full of water! We left them to dry for a few hours on the newspaper. So fun! 

While they were drying we wrote promises to the Earth. If you want to do the same, you can download the paper we used here


FREE partner reading questions card

Here is a card with simple French questions to use during partner reading/read to someone. The questions are simple, and with practice my grade 2s are able to work through them with their partner. 

Hopefully you find them helpful!! 


Hunting for reading sounds

Since September, we have been learning to identify different reading sounds/blends. Now that we have gone over the most common ones, my students like the challenge of seeing how many of the different blends they can find. 

We used the French jolly phonics actions that go with each sound. I LOVE this program. When a student asks me how to spell a word, I can do the action as a reminder and they can sound it our on their own. 

Some of my students are having a hard time applying the sounds they know in their own writing. Have you tried anything that worked well?

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