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I'm starting to (trying to!) wrap my head around the fact that it's almost fall - so it's time to start thinking about fall vocabulary! 

To help you navigate through all of the many resources on TPT, here are some of my fall resources!

This file is my favourite for students who are brand new to fall vocabulary! I use this for weeks with my grade 1 French Immersion students. 

♦ 21 word wall cards
♦ Bang! game cards
♦ Matching reading game (image to word)
♦ Sentence building cards
♦ Teacher book to introduce vocabulary - 21 pages
♦ Student book template (following the same pattern as the teacher book)
♦ Tracking sheet and rubric example for student book

This file includes even more games, to go with all the vocabulary from the file above! You can use both of these files together to set up the basis of your games for your literacy centres/daily 5 centres! 

-18 flashcards
-bug in a rug game cards
-domino game cards (small and large)

This resource has the basics that you need to teach fall vocabulary to your Core French or French Immersion students using photographs - it has flashcards, word wall cards, and vocabulary games! **I use this with my second year French Immersion students, and prefer the clip art for my first year students. Some of this vocabulary is more complex! 

♦ 4 x large and small images to prompt discussions
♦ 27 x flashcards 
♦ 27 x word wall cards
♦ Bang! game cards (two choices - with and without words on the cards) 
♦ Worksheets and assessments for primary FI students
♦ Class book (5 different choice pages - with options to draw or draw and write) 
♦ Student mini strip book (to use as a presentation) - with options to draw or draw and write

The pictures and vocabulary in this file match the vocabulary from the main flashcards file (above). 

- Matching game cards
- Domino game cards 

This file matches too - and it's a really fun vocabulary game! I have "bug in a rug" in my daily 5/literacy centres all year round. I just switch in the vocabulary of whatever we are focusing on at the time. 

This mini book pack has a simple mini book, word wall cards, and a template for assessment! I like to read this book to my students every other day for a few weeks. They also make their own version to practice at home. I record myself reading it and upload it to youtube, so that they can listen to the audio from home. They get a big confidence boost from reading this book to me when they've mastered it! 

If you want matching that is more complex than just pictures to words, this file has pictures to sentences! 

Bingo is a great game to help reinforce the vocabulary that you are practicing/learning with your students! 

These sentence prompts make up a big part of our morning routine. We learn the verbs in the prompts, and apply the French fall vocabulary that we are learning to create fall sentences! I put magnets on the back of them and stick them on the whiteboard as we learn them. They can also be used regularly as journal prompts! 

If you're teaching French in Kindergarten or grade 1, these are a fun introductory reading game! They make another easy centre.

For a more complex reading center, these cards include a variety of different fall sentences. They are a good fit for grades 2 or 3 French Immersion, depending on your students' reading levels. 

If you're looking for some reading practice and assessment, these activities are great for advanced grade 2 or grade 3 French Immersion students! 

Same with these! You can use them in a writing centre, or have the whole class do them at the same time. 

These sheets are great for writing! We start out by doing them together as guided writing. Each sheet includes 5 French words, and your goal is to use them each at least once. I like to do some at the carpet together over a few weeks with my grade 2s, and then let them try it on their own. They're also easy writing centre activities! 

When you're all done with fall vocabulary, these simple activities can be used as practice in centres or for assessment! 

Looking for other fall resources? Leave a note in the comments to let me know what resources you need! 


  1. Is there a link for us to purchase all of these as a bundle?

    1. Hi Alex! I have some of them bundled - but not all of them - :)

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    where do you purchase your alphabet magnets from?

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