French back to school resources!

Ok, I know - it's too soon. But it helps to be prepared! Here are some resources that can help save you some time in September, so you can enjoy your summer for a bittttt longer! 

These French Immersion start up activities are great for k-2 Immersion, depending on where your students are. My grade 1s are BRAND new to French, so when I use these with them we practice a LOT, and the activities are done over a few weeks. I use the colour mini book as an assessment once they've learned all their colours! 

For grade 2 Immersion students, the activities make a great review of everything they learned in grade 1 (and may have forgotten over the summer).

These French back to school activities are fun, quick activities to do during the first week of school. I use the activities in here to set up our classroom and make some bulletin boards to showcase their work!  

If you're ready so start thinking about your program structure, then you might be interested in this poem and song duotang file! I use this as our weekly homework activity. My students have a general homework duotang, and we focus on 1 poem or song each week. We also use the Shadow Puppet app to record it and post it on our class Weebly website, so my kids can practice at home with audio! 

These printable worksheets are quick, easy activities that your students can do to practice their French. I treat each one as a longer activity than just completing the sheet. We read a related book, talk about the vocabulary they'll need to use at the carpet, and practice talking about what we're going to draw/write with a partner. Then when they're done, they can share their work with the class (and you can take anecdotal notes)! They also make great activities to leave for a supply teacher. 

If your students are not brand new to French, Bingo games make a fun way to review their fall vocabulary.

Last but not least, these cootie catchers can help your kids get back into the groove of speaking in French! We used them in grade 1 last year to review colours, numbers, and letters. If your students are further along in French, they can use them to practice building sentences with the vocabulary! 

Enjoy the rest of the summer! 


  1. I love reading your blog. You have so many great ideas. Do you have a long range plan that you use when planning your year?

  2. Thank you!! Your comment made my day :) I do, but not an organized and typed one. I'll get it organized when I get back into my classroom at the end of August and share it here :)

  3. HI Gemma!!!
    I love you blog and THANK you for your amazing resources!!! I was wondering if I could pick your brain about Grade 2?

    1. Hey Charla!
      Thank you! That made my day :)
      Absolutely! Send me an email - and we can chat about it!


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