Spring bird art

We did art on Tuesday this week and we were THRILLED with how it turned out! I do art with my English partner (we bring all 40 kids together) and she came up with the idea of making the birds using magazine paper.


Spring file updates!

I hope you're enjoying the final hours of your March break! I've been working through my spring files to do some spring cleaning and spruce them up with some new fonts. 

If you have any of these, please check back to download the newest version from TPT! 


Le pendu!

We've been having tons of fun this week playing "Le pendu" together! 

My kids love playing it as a whole class. It's a great way to practice both letters in French and basic vocabulary. As we are focusing on one sound blend a week right now, it's also a fun way to practice those words. This week we played with "ch" words together, and then I split them up into partners to play! 

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