Plans for the first week of school!

Here's what I've got planned so far for the first week of school: 

As always, the start of the year involves a lot of repetition (with all grades, but especially with grade 1). 

Wednesday - First day! 
- An introduction to ME - who I am :) 
- An introduction to how French Immersion works at our school (who their teachers are, what they learn in French, how we switch between the French and English classrooms, etc) 
- I teach them how to use their zippies/communication books (We decided not to use agendas this year, but if you're using them, then this freebie might help you) 
- Show them the daily schedule and how it works, to ease some anxiety about their day plans.
- Teach "Je m'appelle _______". Pass a ball around the circle and say "Je m'appelle _______" when they get the ball. Have them sit down when they've had a turn so you can track who has not yet had one. 
- Teach "Bonjour" and "au revoir" songs.
- Make our first day crowns. I have them keep them in their locker at the end of the day and wear them for the week! 

Thursday: Day 2
- Review "Je m'appelle" when taking attendance.
- Get to know you activity - "Find someone who

- "This summer I" drawing - I use this to make a bulletin board up! This gives them some time to work at their desks, and for you to introduce classroom tools/how to use them appropriately. 

- Play "Je m'appelle" again to review - Pass a ball around the circle. 
- Go on a tour of the school. Show them where the gym is, the music room, the office, etc. and practice appropriate hallway behaviour. 
- Practice "Bonjour" and "Au revoir" songs again. 

Friday: Day 3! 
- Review "Je m'appelle" when taking attendance. 
- "Bonjour, je m'appelle" drawing activity - early finishers try to label the colours in their drawing using the colour posters

- Practice "Bonjour" and "Au revoir" songs again. Illustrate the duotang page to go in their French duotang (to go home for the weekend). 

- Read "Mon ecole" (for the first of many times!) This introduces "je vois" and a few basic words (e.g. une fille, un crayon, un pupitre, etc). I explain to them WHY we read the same books and sing the same songs over and over again in French class. We talk about how your brain starts to say "Oh! I know that word!" When you read the book a second time next week, have them put their hand up quickly every time they hear a word they recognize. They love it and are really happy to start finding French words familiar. As I read them book, I have them repeat each sentence after I read it. 

That's it! The first few days of school always FLY by! I hope you have a great time getting to know your new students!! 

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