What we've been working on in class...

It feels like time is just FLYING by! We are gearing up to write report cards next week, and life feels like a blur. I can't believe tomorrow is February 1st!!!!! 

Our school (like most schools, I'm sure) never seems to have any laminate. I always miss it when it's refilled! I've been using my winter sentence starters unlaminated (gasp!) and finally managed to get upstairs to use the last little bit that was left on the roll! 


Winter sentence station, writing, and BAZINGA game!

This week we are focusing on winter vocabulary! We've been having fun with different games, and it's really exciting to hear them starting to remember the new vocabulary.

Today we started practicing our poem of the week, and I introduced this week's 4 words of the week. I photocopied this "set" (our second 8 week set of words) onto coloured paper, laminated them, and then stuck magnets on them. We practice them really quickly each day, and they hunt for the words every morning when they look through French books/Read to self while we wait for O Canada.

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