Pictures from the past two weeks

Although I've completely dropped with ball with blogging recently, I've still managed to take a few photos over the past two weeks to share!

Here we go...

Ted Harrison inspired art

Last week we looked at Ted Harrison's art pieces and created our own versions of them.

First, we used pencil. We went step by step to help them draw their outlines. We made sure to draw simple houses, without lots of details, as their pencil lines had to be traceable with crayon. They had a hard time with being told NOT to add details, as we've spend most of the year talking about ADDING them in!

Valentine's Day Freebie - Bookmarks for students!

This year I've decided to give my students a little bookmark for Valentine's Day. After struggling to find anything in French, I ended up making these simple bookmarks


Winter reading and writing

We've been doing a lot more practice with reading and writing over the past few weeks. Although most of what we do is with manipulatives (sentence building cards) or on whiteboards, sometimes we do put pencil to paper! 

Here are some examples of some practice (or assessment, however you want to use it!) that we have done recently: 

We started with this activity, where they used the cards from the word wall to complete the sentences - making sure the verbs made sense. The follow up sheet to this has blanks for the verbs instead, to practice that way!

Seasonal changes - Winter mini book

As we've been learning about the seasonal changes living things go through during winter, we've been illustrating our own mini books!! 

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