Guided instruction and reading in grade 1

I've made multiple copies of the "C'est l'hiver" book and use them with my kids for different guided instruction activities. We read through the book together, but also talk about the different vocabulary in the book. I have them find different pictures in the book and ask questions relating to what we read together.

E.g. "Trouvez le manteau"
"Qu'est-ce que tu portes en hiver?"
"Qu'est-ce que tu aimes en hiver?" 
"Quel temps fait-il en hiver?"

Since my students know the book well already from class, they aren't overwhelmed when they realize that I want them to try to read it with me. They are excited to realize how much they already know from the book. Since we have practiced the vocabulary, they are also able to use the pictures cues to help them when they are reading it. I find with some of the early readers we have in our classrooms, our students can't use the pictures to help them since they haven't learned the vocabulary yet (the books aren't made for immersion learners). 

What does your reading program look like with your grade 1s? I'd love to know what you find works for your students! 

What resources are you searching for? Leave a note in the comments :)


Grade 1 winter book - practicing verbs

This week my grade 1 students wrote and presented their winter books! 

We talked about using different sentence starters. Here are the ones we have practiced so far this year:

- je vois
- je mange
- je porte
- il y a
- je roule
- j'utilise
- je fais
- je bois
- j'aime
- je n'aime pas

I left the verb blank (je _______) in this book for the first time so that I could really see what my students understood. Some of them stuck to "je vois" and "il y a", while some were trying to use "j'utilise" and "je fais"! They were really excited about the challenge.

Our class goals were to also add in colours, numbers, and prepositions of place. We have been reading the "C'est l'hiver" book together every few days and practicing the vocabulary in our Daily 5 centres, so they were comfortable making up sentences with the winter words. 

Here are some of the book pages:

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