Visual aids and posters for verbs!

I just uploaded a bunch of new files today! Emotions, family, and verbs in French! I've started a new "custom category" on tpt (along the left side of my store) that shows you my *new* products! You can browse through them there :) 

My favourite one today is the verb poster pack

The file includes two sets of posters - one with just the verb, and one that also had "je..." at the bottom to help your students use them when they're speaking. 

I've also printed them really small to use as quick visual aids while I'm teaching. It's challenging to get started in the fall with a class of students who don't know a word of French - so I'm going to flash the verb cards as needed while I'm giving instructions! 

Here's a picture of some of the cards:

I think I'll attach them together on a ring so I can easily keep them with me! The two that stand out for me right now are STOP and WALK for those little ones who just love to run down the hallway :) 

If I've missed some verbs that you need, send me a note and I can add them in for you :) 


Classroom expectation posters

Good morning! 

I hope you're all have a great week so far! I've been hiding inside from the heat and tinkering away on my laptop. Here's my newest creation! It includes 10 different classroom expectations, in 3 different colour schemes!

As always, if you email me I can change the wording or add in anything for you :) 

I'm looking forward to using them this year with my grade 1 French Immersion class! I hope you like them too :)


How to leave *awesome* feedback on TPT

Hello, buyers! Here are some tips on how to leave feedback that helps both you AND the seller on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Did you know that you get credits for leaving feedback?! How great is that! Very few buyers leave feedback, and they're missing out on FREE products later on. That's about as crazy as not registering your Starbucks card! 

It's also really important to a seller to have feedback on their products. It lets other buyers know more about a product (e.g. "I love how this includes flashcards!", "My students loved this when we made it into a game!"), and it gives the sellers information on what their buyers love and want to see more of (e.g. "This is great! I'd love one with ten frames!"). 

To make this easy for you, TPT lets you sort your purchases by "needs feedback": 

Did you know that our Canadian buyers are "harsher" markers than our American ones? This is because we apply the grading system we use in schools to the TPT grading system when we rate products. In our classrooms, we consider a "B" to have "met expectations". But to be honest, I'm pretty crushed when I get a 3/4 rating. 

Please, please, PLEASE do not leave the dreaded "." as a comment. It really doesn't take long to write a few words (we know you can type fast!) and the seller will REALLY appreciate it. 

Please be specific. Can you imagine if you sent home a student's rubric with a 3/4 and your only comment was "great work"?! The student's parents would be really confused! How can their child improve?! What should they have done instead?! This is what the buyer thinks when they read your rating! 

If you loved the product, then give it a 4/4!

But if you didn't... 

Option 1: Email the seller. 

This should be the first thing you try! Now, this won't get you an updated product EVERY time. We sellers are busy teachers too, and we won't always have time to add things in BUT we will definitely fix typos for you (yes, typos happen, we're only human!). 

Some sellers will be happy to add things in or make changes to their product for you. Personally, I'd LOVE to know how to make my products better. If it's something that you want me to add in, chances are that other buyers would also want it! After all, we sellers WANT you to love our stuff!

Sending us an email also means that you'll get the updated product faster, as we can quickly email back and forth to plan specifics and get started on updating the product right away. This means a WIN for you, and a WIN for the seller. 

If we're being honest, a seller will also be more likely to update their product for you if you don't slam their ratings first!

Option 2: Leave a Q & A. 

I would only recommend this if you don't have the sellers email. They'll likely be able to reply faster to an email, and it would allow for replies back and forth if needed. The Q & A doesn't leave any room for a conversation. 

Option 3: Leave your *specific* feedback in the ratings comments. 

This should be your LAST option. Think about it - you're losing out on the chance to talk with the seller about what you'd like them to improve for you. You're giving them a lower rating BEFORE giving them the chance to fix it for you. That's not very nice! You also can't edit your feedback - so if the seller updates the file based on your feedback, they're still stuck with that low rating. 

Here's an example of a great interaction through the feedback section:

At the end of the day, remember: We sellers WANT your feedback (both positive and constructive!) so PLEASE take the time to send it to us. It will both make our day, and lead to better products for you in the future! 


Morning agendas - an organizer

If you're teaching grade 1 this year like me (or even grade 2!), you'll know the importance of having a system for your agendas. I spent my first few years just writing a message on the board and then walking around helping my little ones find the page they needed in order to write the message. Then my GENIUS teacher friend showed me this system. I'm completely hooked - and it's FREE on my TPT

The shapes match up with the agendas that we use in my school board (Canadian Premier School Specialty Primary Agendas). If your agendas use different shapes, leave me a note here and I can add them in for you! 

Using electrical tape (from Dollarama) or scotch expressions tape, tape an outline on your board that matches the space in your agendas. As you can see in the pictures, our agendas are shape --> date --> day of the week. The last square is the page number, which your students learn to use to help them double check they're on the right page. 

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me! 


Centre game - beginning sounds


Just wanted to share a new game that's in my tpt store now! I'm really excited to use it with my grade 1s this year. Once they've learned the vocabulary from my "C'est l'automne" packs, then I'll be introducing this centre to them. 

Using clothespins (or paper clips!) they'll practice identifying the beginning letters and words for the fall vocabulary they've learned. I'm excited to try it out with my new students in a few weeks :) I picked up some colourful metal paper clips and plastic clothespins this week at Dollarama! 


Spanish classroom objects resources


I've been working hard to upload Spanish resources along with my French and English resources. If you're teaching Spanish this year, here are some of my new Spanish packs!

If you use a different word than a word I've included, just send me an email and I'll add it in for you :) 


Rules and Responsibilities


I don't QUITE have a countdown on for back to school (yet), but it's coming quickly!! I've just started printing out and prepping my unit binders so that I've got everything I need in one place for each unit. I've been setting up my binder with my new social studies unit for grade 1s!

Here are some pictures from the unit: 

As always, I can also add/change things within the unit if it's missing what you were hunting for! I know it's frustrating when things don't match a lesson I had planned with my students. Shoot me an email and let me know :) 

Hope it's helpful for you! 


FREE bulletin board/wall signs


Just wanted to share a new freebie that I've posted in my store! 

I printed them and laminated them, and put them up around my room. Depending on what student work I've got posted on my bulletin boards, I change them up as "headers". I also included the signs I use for my bathroom sign out system in there! If you are interested and download it, please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback :)


Updated files on TPT


I hope you've all had an AMAZING summer! I know it's not over yet, but I'm trying to get my head back into "school mode", so I've returned to the world of blogging! 

I've spent the last few weeks updating a huge chunk of my files on TPT. If you've downloaded anything from my store, please check back to see if there are updates for you! I'll be working through as many of them as I can over the next few weeks as well. If there are any improvements or additions you'd like to see, send me an email! (

Here are some of my re-formatted files:

Some new files I've added: 

Any resources that you're hunting for? Leave me a note and I can make them up :) 

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