Classroom set up!


I hope this week is going well for everyone in the middle of their classroom set up! I've taken some pictures over the past few days of my classroom prep. 

These are my classroom birthday posters! I write my students' birthdays on the cupcake labels. I love the pop of colour it adds to my walls! 

I've started setting up my whiteboard, but it's still a work in progress. The agenda message system is a freebie in my store (here). It's explained in the file, and I love how much easier it makes agenda messages for grade 1s! 

I laminated my alphabet posters and then used a glue gun to stick them up on the walls. Our custodians let use use hot glue, and it stays up way better than tape!! 

This is my exciting Costco find!! It was $24!! I bring my own ipad into school almost every day (for Class Dojo points), and I often use it to play French songs and videos for my students. I've been searching for a stand for a while, and this one is great! It can be angled and swivelled around! 

These chart papers are set up for teaching colours! My team partner and I decided on 3 objects for each colour that we want our students to learn. Each day, we will introduce a new colour AND 3 objects, so that they get extra practice for both. We chose vocabulary that we wanted our students to learn over the first few weeks of school. 

Here's what we chose:

red - apple, lockers, backpack
orange - orange, pencil, scissors
yellow - sun, banana, t-shirt
blue - sky, water, chairs
pink - eraser, flower, heart
green - grass, compost, book
purple - grapes, lunch bag, coat
black - cat, paint, notebook
brown - dog, paintbrush, shoes
grey - desk, basket, attendance (ours is kept in a folder)
white - snow, cloud, glue

These crowns are another Freebie in my store!! I made up my example to get ready for the first day of school. We're hoping they'll go home and remember "Je m'appelle" on the first day :) 

Here's my calendar! I can't believe how late we start this year. It feels odd having so many numbers up already! I chose words to use for each month that I want my students to learn and have extra practice with. Having the vocabulary there also helps give us talking points! We practice the vocabulary and ask questions about it (eg. "What colour are the books?", "What is the girl holding?", "What do you see on #2?"). Doing calendar this way gives you SO many opportunities to get your students talking. You can even have them answer with the person beside them each time before discussing each answer as a class. 

Here are my verb posters - I printed them teeny tiny so that I could use them as visual aids with my students. I attached them using a shower curtain ring from Dollarama! I find the normal metal rings seem to come apart or break easily (maybe that's just me?!), so these Dollarama finds were an exciting discovery!! I've also printed a second small set that I've laminated and put magnets on, so I can use them on my whiteboard. I'm really excited by this strategy!! The start of the year involves lots of miming, and this will add in an extra support for my students as they're learning French. 

Here's a picture of my "J'ai fini!" board! I put it up right above my finished bins (where they put their work when it's done), so all they have to do is look up! I'm going to move things back and forth between "Je peux" and "Je ne peux pas". I won't have all the options up there, as it's a lot for a grade 1 to process, but I'll keep up the options that we've gone over in class. If you've purchased this from my store and you need me to add in more options, send me an email! 

I've still got a few more days of set up and planning to go!! I love all this organizing :) Hope you're enjoying your time in your classroom! 

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