Autour du monde

Today we played "Autour du monde" for the first time! My wonderful French team partner suggested it, and it was a huge hit! They had SO much fun and were begging to keep playing. 

I took the "smack" game cards and shuffled them up in my hands. We sat in a circle and the two students opposite me stood up. I showed them a picture, and whoever said it first was the winner. The other student sat down, and the next student around the circle stood up to "face off" against the winner. Every few "face offs" I had them ALL say the words as I went through the stack in my hands. 

So far we played it with colour vocabulary, and with the vocabulary from the "mon école" mini book. Next week I'll continue with colours and also play a few games with classroom objects. 

Do you have any vocabulary games you love?? I'd love to hear about them :) 

(smack cards - laminated and stuck up with magnets)

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