Colour games and centres

This week in grade 1 we are adding in some new centres. I'm trying to get them used to some fun centres/games to do when they finish their work and for daily 5 activities.

We played "bang":
- I put the cards in a container
- 1 student pulls a card at a time
- If they can say the word in French, they can keep the card
- If they can't, they put the card back in the container and pass the container to the next person
- If they pull a "bang" card, they pull another card

To avoid students looking for "bang" cards, they have to hold the container up against their forehead while they pull a card. I use empty "Tazo tea" containers or empty yogurt containers to hold the cards.

I also introduced a reading game with clips:

And a reading matching game: 

We finished up our colour anchor charts:

We're also almost done making simple colour books. We've also continued on with "Autour du monde" with colours too! 

So far they're doing a great job learning all the colours in French!

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