J'ai fini choices

Full disclosure - I'm not always the best with my own systems. I used to have class jobs, but I was the WORST at updating them. My kids would remind me constantly of things that I didn't even remember telling them, such as "I will update the jobs every Monday". Oops! 

I have told my students that we will be using the "J'ai fini" board, and kind of explained it to them, but at this point they don't have many options (centres/daily 5 haven't been set up yet), so I haven't been using it. My plan was to go over it again once they have been taught more of their options. It's been sitting on my whiteboard with "dessiner" and "lire un livre" as their choices since the first day of school. 

Yesterday I told them that since we only had about 5 minutes until the bell, their only choice was to read a book if they finished before it was time to clean up. I was shocked when one of my little ones piped up with "well then you had better move the drawing choice off the board!!!!!!"

I think as teachers, our days are so busy that we sometimes forget (or maybe that's just me?!) what they might actually be paying attention to. 

Mental note made... get that J'ai fini board up and running!!!! 

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