Plans for next week

Here's a rough outline of my plans for next week: 

Basic French: 
- Practice asking to go to the bathroom/get a drink in French
- Add a few more basic words to our French "SMACK" game (I've been picking words from the "My school" book - we've done 4 so far, and will add 4 more next week) 
- Introduce more classroom objects - read "Dans ma salle de classe" to learn numbers and vocabulary

- Continue to practice "Je m'appelle" and "Comment ca va?" vocabulary - pair them up to practice questioning and answering each other 

- Start our "les couleurs" book 
- Focus on one colour each day - draw and colour on one page of the mini book each day 
- Teach colour song
- Little activities to practice colours - e.g. "Line up if you're wearing _____", "Jump if you're wearing ______" (a good way to also practice some French verbs!)
- Start teaching them how to play "bang" and "bug in a rug" so that we can eventually break into small groups to play them (when they've learned their colours and classroom objects)

Social studies - Rules and regulations:
- Rules on the school bus (for field trips)
- Rules in the community (e.g. movie theatre, park, etc) 

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