Some pictures from this week

Here are some pictures from my classroom this week:

We worked through rouge, orange, and jaune this week!

For art, we talked about the primary colours and we made "primary superhero" art! 

We also had a visitor during one of our games of "autour du monde"! Had to put on my big girl pants and scoop him up into a container. Thankfully I had some bug containers still from when I taught grade 2 last year! 

I also introduced pompoms as a reward system, thanks to the idea from my awesome French partner. I give them pompoms for ANYTHING at all throughout the day. They can add it to the container for their group. The colours match their group table colours. On Fridays we do "catch up and pickles" - time to catch up on unfinished work, or free choice if they've done all their work. The group with the most pompoms gets first choice of the free choice games and activities. 

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