Shadow puppet for home support

I'm completely in love with the "shadow puppet" app. I think I've blogged about it before, but I'm using it again this year and wanted to share how I use it. 

I send home a French song/poem duotang each week with my students. We add 1 new song (or 2, if they're short and easy) each week. We do practice more than just that song each week though, so we have a large rotation of songs that we are singing at any point. 

I take a picture of the lyrics to the song/poem and then upload it into the shadow puppet app. Then I use the app to record their voices.

It's also really neat for my students, as they can hear their voices on the recording! I hope that this helps encourage them to practice/review the videos at home, as it's exciting to watch a video that you know you helped make! 

Here's the video we made today during class - 

I have my class website set up using the website "weebly", as the weebly app lets you drag and drop video links on an ipad to embed videos. I'm able to record them and upload it to weebly in under 5 minutes on my ipad! 

The biggest challenge with French Immersion is finding ways that you can support students outside of the classroom - and this is the best way that I've found. I also take pictures of our word walls and record myself saying the vocabulary (with a pause after each word so they can repeat it), and record myself reading short books so that they can practice at home. 

We have a few ipads in our classroom, so I've also bookmarked my website on them so my students can listen to the songs in class (as a centre activity). 

Do you have any apps that you're excited about? I'd love to hear about them! 

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