Verbs of the week and small group sentence building

Today we began our focus on weekly verbs! We will be slowly adding to our verb list over the next few weeks. 

My pocket chart calendar has space for a few verbs cards. I printed my verb posters really small so that they can fit in the bottom left corner. Once we move on to new verbs, we will keep adding them to the same place in our classroom to build a verb wall. 

The bottom right corner has our words of the week! I've also started building a sight word list with the past two week's word lists. 

This morning we rotated through some centres. We did:
1. Bang 
3. Matching (picture to the word)
4. Magnetic letters/word building (using word wall strips)
5. Writing on whiteboards (with visual dictionaries as guides) 
6. Working with me! 

The cards from the image are from my fall pack! Each time I sat down with a new small group, we went over the sentence starter prompts and sentence structure. With some groups, I talked about specific errors that were being made ("je vois 3 une pomme"), and with others we talked about how we could "bump up" our sentences ("je vois 3 pommes ET 2 citrouilles"). They loved "getting to play all morning!" 

I rotated through to the next centre about every 8ish minutes. Whenever I was done with the group I was working with I tapped my tap bell, and students cleaned up their table and returned to the carpet. Once at the carpet, we looked back at each centre to make sure it was cleaned up the correct way. Students from the whiteboard centres got to share their best sentence (it's the easiest centre for sharing!). Then I told each group where they were moving to next! 

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