Mon ecole - reading assessment

This week my students created mini books from my "mon ecole" pack. I had previously read the teacher version to them many times, so even if they weren't "reading" the "je vois" sentence starter and vocabulary, most knew it by heart already. I also recorded myself reading it last week and put it up on my class website so they could practice at home. 

The file includes a few different options for how your students can complete the mini books. I used the version where they read the word, trace the word, and draw a picture to match. Then I conferenced with each student and had them "read" the book to me. 

I used a rubric that I created to be similar to a GB+ assessment - so that I could quickly make notes about how they read the book. I had some students who could easily read the whole book, some who needed prompts (e.g. look at the first letter, or look at their drawing) and some who could not identify the vocabulary on each page. Here's a sample (with my name!): 

I will NOT be sending this rubric home. It's only the third week of school and it was more for me so that I could get an idea of where all my students were.

If you've bought my "Mon ecole" file on TPT, you can go back to download the updated version now with this rubric! 

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