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The first two weeks in grade 1!

Well this past week was a complete blur! I'm finally sitting down to share a bit more about our first two weeks - for more frequent photo updates, check out my instagram!! 

We've been practicing our calendar routine and learning some basic school vocabulary:

Plans for the first week of school!

Here's what I've got planned so far for the first week of school: 

As always, the start of the year involves a lot of repetition (with all grades, but especially with grade 1). 

Resources to set up your classroom!

Although I can't get into my classroom to post real pictures of all of these in action yet, I just wanted to share some things that might help make the transition back to school a bit easier for you! 

French fall resources

I'm starting to (trying to!) wrap my head around the fact that it's almost fall - so it's time to start thinking about fall vocabulary! 

French back to school resources!

Ok, I know - it's too soon. But it helps to be prepared! Here are some resources that can help save you some time in September, so you can enjoy your summer for a bittttt longer! 

French word wall file - editable!

I've just posted an *editable* word wall file on TPT! It has 88 basic French words, and then you can add in any of the words that you need for your class! 

Eric Carle art

We took the past two weeks to make art inspired by the wonderful Eric Carle!

The first week, we painted our papers. We gave each student a large piece of white paper, folded to give them 8 sections. We also gave them a variety of objects they could use to make different textures (e.g. sponges, plastic forks, fake trees, etc).
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