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Getting started with school vocabulary

We have had big changes in our school board - our 50% French immersion from Grade 1 onward has switched to 100% immersion, starting in Grade 2! I'm so fortunate to be back in Grade 2 with the curriculum that I love (Grade 2 Science is the best!) combined with all the amazing moments that used to come in Grade 1 (seeing their progress over their first year in French is so rewarding!)

We've had 9 school days so far and I'm so excited by how much they've learned already! They're already asking to go to the washroom/get a drink/sharpen their pencils in French, and they made and read their own little books this week! 

As part of our calendar routine, we focus on a book and play games that have the same vocabulary. These past two weeks we focused on learning 11 words that help them get started in a French classroom (e.g. crayon, livre, pupitre, chaise, etc) as well as the sentence starter "Je vois...". I start by reading the book every morning and having them repeat each page after me. 

We then play SMACK for 5 minutes. I have images of the words that we are learning on the board on magnets and say one of the words. Whoever smacks it first gets to go again, while the other student passes their fly swatter on to the next student. We practise saying the words together before EACH turn, so after the 5 minute game they've all said the words many times! This is also a game that they can choose play during our centres.

Then we match the puzzles as a class. I have the words in a pocket chart and students get to come up and match one of the pictures to the word. When they've placed the match, they say the word and the whole class repeats it after them! 

Yesterday they made their own books! They wrote the words and drew a picture, and then practised reading their books to friends in the class. The books will all be kept in a bucket in our library corner, so that they can read them during Read to Self! 

Hope you've had a great first few weeks! Next week we will be focusing on "Dans ma salle de classe" vocabulary! 


The first two weeks in grade 1!

Well this past week was a complete blur! I'm finally sitting down to share a bit more about our first two weeks - for more frequent photo updates, check out my instagram!! 

We've been practicing our calendar routine and learning some basic school vocabulary:

Plans for the first week of school!

Here's what I've got planned so far for the first week of school: 

As always, the start of the year involves a lot of repetition (with all grades, but especially with grade 1). 

Resources to set up your classroom!

Although I can't get into my classroom to post real pictures of all of these in action yet, I just wanted to share some things that might help make the transition back to school a bit easier for you! 

French fall resources

I'm starting to (trying to!) wrap my head around the fact that it's almost fall - so it's time to start thinking about fall vocabulary! 

French back to school resources!

Ok, I know - it's too soon. But it helps to be prepared! Here are some resources that can help save you some time in September, so you can enjoy your summer for a bittttt longer! 

French word wall file - editable!

I've just posted an *editable* word wall file on TPT! It has 88 basic French words, and then you can add in any of the words that you need for your class! 
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