Visual aids and posters for verbs!

I just uploaded a bunch of new files today! Emotions, family, and verbs in French! I've started a new "custom category" on tpt (along the left side of my store) that shows you my *new* products! You can browse through them there :) 

My favourite one today is the verb poster pack

The file includes two sets of posters - one with just the verb, and one that also had "je..." at the bottom to help your students use them when they're speaking. 

I've also printed them really small to use as quick visual aids while I'm teaching. It's challenging to get started in the fall with a class of students who don't know a word of French - so I'm going to flash the verb cards as needed while I'm giving instructions! 

Here's a picture of some of the cards:

I think I'll attach them together on a ring so I can easily keep them with me! The two that stand out for me right now are STOP and WALK for those little ones who just love to run down the hallway :) 

If I've missed some verbs that you need, send me a note and I can add them in for you :) 

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