Today we practiced ROUGE! 

First, we sang our colour song. It's a much harder song than our "bonjour" and "au revoir" songs, so we'll be practicing it for a while! 

Then I had them brainstorm things with a partner that were rouge. They drew them and I chose one of their paper to put up on the wall. I'm choosing one a day to put up on the bulletin board above my writing centre. You can tell I'm short red crayons, as a few orange things ended up in there!

Then we practiced the colours by playing "smack!" with the fly swatters. We started with rouge, bleu, jaune, and vert today. I'll stick to 4 colours a day in our "smack!" game for about a week. I got paint chips from a hardware store and put magnets on the back of them to make our "smack" pieces!

Then I introduced our three rouge words. These three words are the pictures they then drew in their colour books. I wanted to have them all do the same words so that we can use these books as another source of new vocabulary/practice. Our rouge words are backpack, apple, and locker (ours are red!). 

We played some short games - e.g. "jump if you're wearing ______". I reinforced it during line up time by having them line up if they were wearing a certain colour. We also looked through our lunches during lunch for food that was "rouge". 

After lunch they started their colour books. They drew the three items, and if they were up for it, labelled them as well. They did a great job! 

I have my own colour book that I've already illustrated with the 3 items/colour. I'll be reading that book to them each day as well so that they hear the words a few extra times! 

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