Eric Carle art

We took the past two weeks to make art inspired by the wonderful Eric Carle!

The first week, we painted our papers. We gave each student a large piece of white paper, folded to give them 8 sections. We also gave them a variety of objects they could use to make different textures (e.g. sponges, plastic forks, fake trees, etc).
In each section, they used different colours and textures. I made a few extras as well to be prepared for any potential emergencies the following week, so we wouldn't get stuck without papers.

The second week, they cut up their papers into shapes to create their scenes! We also created a sharing pile on the carpet, so that students could share their extra scraps of paper with each other.

Here are some pictures of their finished work:

They had so much fun and they LOVED checking out their classmates finished products! 

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