Nos dictionnaires personnels

My kids are just starting to write in French for the first time this year. Some of them have been doing this on their own for a while (thanks to Daily 5!), but for others this is a BIG step. 

To build into it gradually, we have been doing guided writing. We talk about different things, brainstorm on the board together, and put together journal entries together (like our Social Studies Celebrations journal). 

When we write in our journal, we go step by step. I have some kids who go on ahead without us, but for the most part we write sentence by sentence together. It was really exciting on Friday to see that some kids who previously have given a lot of resistance are now totally open to the idea. (They told me this is thanks to our "brain music"! The classical music I play during work times)

They have writing folders (that we also use for Daily 5) with journal pages. At the front is a personal dictionary with some key vocabulary they might need (e.g. days of the week, clothing, weather). 

It was really neat last year to look back at their journals and see the progress they made over the year! 

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