Le vocabulaire de l'Halloween

After a few weeks of practice with our fall words, we are going to move on to our Halloween vocabulary next week. Every year, my students get really excited for this set of vocabulary. I think this is because can't wait to share their Halloween costume ideas! 

I've taken the word wall words out of my themed word wall/pocket chart - and replaced them these Halloween word wall cards. 

I've kept the yogurt containers I use for our "Bang" containers, and replaced the fall "Bang" set with new Halloween ones. 

I've also switched our "Bug in a rug" fall game to a new Halloween one. 

I'm going to start out by playing "Loto" with my students. This way they hear the new vocabulary from me. I also have them repeat each word I say before they start to look for it on their sheet. I think it helps them to hear the word in French, and then look on the loto card to match it to a visual cue. 

When I pull small groups for vocabulary acquisition, I pull based on their levels. This way I can differentiate by playing each game differently. For example, my students who are picking up the vocabulary really quickly also have to use the word in a sentence before they can put their token down on their bingo card. 

Once I am confident that the students know the new vocabulary, then I let them start to play "Bang". This way I know that they are able to play the game correctly, and that they are using the correct pronunciation. 

What games do you like to play with your students? 

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