Les Niveaux

In class right now we are working on stretching/bumping up our sentences! We started by putting some sentences  in order based on what level we thought they should be.  

Using our fall vocabulary, I had my students come up with examples for each level so they really understood what level what was. Since we have done a lot of activities with our fall words, they were able to really play around with them and put them into sentences easily. 

I also noticed a big difference when they were speaking afterwards in class - some of them were making a great effort to stretch their sentences by adding more words to what they were saying. 

Then we wrote a story together as a class using our Halloween vocabulary. I wrote it on the board (words and pictures) and then the students tried to describe/retell our story in French orally (in partners). 

We started looking at different ways that we can start a sentence, so that we don't always have "Je vois..." sentences. Here are some of the sentences we are starting with... 

Do you use a "bump it up" wall in your classroom? I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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