Air and water unit - flashcards, word wall words, worksheets, bang cards, etc.

Here are some of the cards from my air/water activities (also in English). 

These are cards you can use in a Science centre. Your students can sort them into "air" and "water" categories, or you can use them in your word wall. 

We sorted these into a pocket chart together: 

Here are some of the word wall words... 

I chose a few to start out with in our Science word wall. 

Here are some of the worksheets... 

Last week we went on a water hunt around our school. These are some of the water sources we found in the neighbourhood! I've made them into flashcards, and there is a worksheet to take with you on your water hunt! 

These cards are for learning/practicing the water cycle. Each of the 4 steps have 2 images that go with them. Your students can put the steps in order and match them to the description: 

These images are to start conversation - What do your students see in the pictures? How do they relate to air and water? 

These are for sorting into different food chains. What happens to a food chain when something is taken out of it because of pollution? What happens to the animal at the top of the food chain? 

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