Les centres d’automne

Today we did our fall centres! I rotated groups of 3-4 through:
- Je lis tout seul (with my fall scholastic books - les mots outils) 
- Bang!
- Bug in a rug 
- Avec Mlle (centre to practice oral communication with me!) 

I love these simple Scholastic books - I have read most of them to the class already, so they are familiar with them. We used this time to practice our "Read to self" stamina! 

Here are the kids playing "Bug in a rug" ("l'insecte sous le gland"). I glued all the vocabulary acorns onto another piece of paper before I laminated them to stop the kids from being able to see through to where the bug is hidden! 

They are getting really good with our BANG! game too - I was getting some great juicy sentences out of them! 

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