Les cinq au quotidien

We are working our way up to do all of the "5" from Daily 5. At this point we are doing "Je lis tout seul" and "Je joue avec les mots". My students love all the games we play, so letting them choose on their own means less of the "je lis tout seul". 

I pulled out the Halloween matching game that I made. My students matched them up (yay reading!) and then they used them as writing prompts. They chose a vocabulary word and wrote a sentence on the mini whiteboards.

The great side effect of free choice with the "je joue avec les mots" centres is that they sometimes create their OWN version of the games we have! 

One of my students took our question cube and decided to play it on his own - and write out his answers! 

The boys in my class LOVE playing "bug in a rug". Our expectation is for FULL sentences, when asking and answering (since they know the vocabulary from grade 1). 

One of the girls in my class used our sentence magnets to write about rabbits! 

Then she drew a picture of what she wrote. 

Here is a picture that one of my students drew. They can draw on the whiteboards as long as they write a sentence to go with their drawing.

One of my students loves making paper airplanes! Here is the sentence he wrote about his airplane.


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