Needs of living things

I've been teaching the needs of living things vocabulary for a few minutes each day over the past week and a half. This gives them lots of exposure to the vocabulary over a chunk of time. We've been practicing "J'ai besoin de..." and 6 words to complete the sentence. 

I write "J'ai besoin de..." on the board, and add 1 card at a time as my students tell me them. Then once they're all up there, we go through them again together in French. 

We did a cut and sort of things we NEED and things that we do not need (Eg. healthy food vs. ice cream). They're now able to share their drawings with me using some French! It's very exciting :) As we've been learning the difference between "want" and "need", we've been using "but would you die if you didn't have it?" to help us. One of my students was adamant that his cat belonged in the "need" box, as he said "But Mlle, I would just DIE if I didn't have my cat!" :) 

They've also been practicing identifying what the 6 needs look like for different living things. Eg. a shelter for a person is not the same as a shelter for a turtle, food for a dog is not the same as food for a flower.

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