Pictures from this week

Here are some pictures from our centres this week!

My students have been enjoying the magnet centre. It's hands on, and great practice for the vocabulary we are working on! I picked up some more cookie trays from the dollar store so that more of them could use this centre when they finish up their work for the day. They have been choosing the French centres instead of free choice activities on rainy days too!

They're getting lots of practice with the whiteboards. This centre never gets old! They are much more willing to write when they use the whiteboards. For assessment purposes, I walk around with my clip board in between pulling small groups and take lots of notes about what they're producing. If you want to, you can also photocopy their whiteboards! I had no idea how well this worked! I do this when I want to save something a student has written. You could also take a picture of their work to print later :) 

We are still using our visual dictionaries in our whiteboard centre. They've been working really well! 

They love this spinning game for our words of the week. I make 4 copies of the sheet and put them in page protectors. Then I put a pin through the page protector and the paper and they can hook a paperclip on over the head of the pin. 

I also post our 4 words of the week on my website each week using "quizlet". They can click through each set and hear the audio that goes with each word to practice from home.

We've started practicing more sentence starters too. We've added "je n'aime pas" and "voici" this week. 


  1. Hi there!
    Where are these magnets from? I love your blog btw!
    Merci :)

    1. Hi Talia,
      Thank you!!
      The magnets are from here:
      Our school bought us those, but I also use magnets from amazon that I bought (as they were cheaper!)
      Gemma :)


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