Fall sentence starters

We have been working hard on our fall vocabulary for a few weeks. It's so fun to hear them say the fall words with so much confidence now!

We practiced a venn diagram together as a class to compare "fall" and "winter" as part of our seasonal changes unit. Then my students tried it independently on mini whiteboards. They shared their ideas and sentences with a partner each time, before erasing and adding new ideas.

I've now also increased the challenge with our fall centres. When they finish the matching centre, they read through all of them and come up with sentences with their small group.

When they play "bang", they can now only keep the card if they can say the words in French AND use it in a sentence. 

When we do "turn and talk" at the carpet with a partner, they use a variety of fall sentence starters to make up sentences with their partner. 

We started our "En automne, je..." books on Thursday and worked on them a bit Friday as well. Next week they will present them to me as an assessment! 

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