Quand --> je....

Ah what a crazy past few weeks it's been! Here's what we've been working on recently...

We call these our "Quand... je..." sentences. We've been applying all the weather, clothing, and activity vocabulary that we've learned recently to build more complex sentences.

We started off with a book that I made. I read it to them every 1-2 days and they repeat each page after I read it. I also record it and post it on my classroom website so they can practice from home.

Then we started building a few sentences together each day as a class - using my magnets on the whiteboard. I keep them in order (weather, verb, object, colour) on the whiteboard and let one student choose each part of the sentence. Then we read the sentence together as a class and ask if anyone can "bump it up" for us. They use "et" or colours to add more details.

After a few days of that, we started also practicing in partners. I gave them a sheet (in a page/pocket protector) and a partner. Together they made up different sentences and read them to each other. Once I felt they were comfortable with that, they they tried independently on mini whiteboards.

While they did this, I worked in small groups with students who were having a hard time with the concept - using the little templates I added to the file last week.

Once they've mastered this, they'll try making their own little mini book to show off what they've learned!


  1. That looks great! I'm trying to increase the writing aspect of my language arts curriculum, but having an extremely large class with no other adults in sight makes it challenging. How many kids do you have in your class?

  2. Thank you! I have 20 kids. How many are in yours??


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