Les prépositions

We have been practicing our prepositions for the past few weeks. I've been reading "Ou sont les animaux?" to them, and it's posted on my website so they can practice from home. 

Now that my students are comfortable with building sentences ("je vois", "il y a"), we are learning to do the same thing with prepositions to build more complex sentences.

I wrote the sentence outline on my whiteboard, and then asked my class where the pumpkin was. Then we drew a picture to match the sentence we created. My students then drew a picture to match on their own mini whiteboards. When they finished their picture they read the matching sentence to the student beside them. 

Then they made up their own to practice, using our fall word wall and classroom objects.

Then today they made sentences in their journals using squares as building blocks. 

*There really are EIGHTEEN cats in that tree!!

Teaching the prepositions: 

Important tip - When teaching the prepositions and using your hands to make the actions, French teachers make a fist with one hand and move the other hand to show each preposition. My students always found "devant" and "derriere" confusing. It's hard for them to know if they should copy your actions or mirror them. Instead, we have been pointing in front of us for "devant" and pointing over our shoulders for "derriere" and it's made a WORLD of difference! 

Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember who it was who gave me that tip! :( 

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