Name monsters and introducing "rouge"

Hey team! 

I hope you all enjoyed your first week back! I had a really fun week getting to know my 40 new students :) 

We practiced a lot of routines and did all that fun back to school stuff, and played a lot of name games. 

My students told me that their favourite part of the week was making name monsters! I got this idea from one of my very creative team partners. 

- Fold a piece of paper in half 
- Write your name along the fold (letters can be all different sizes) **This is an important step, otherwise your students will end up with two half-monsters! 
- Cut around the edges of the letters (I traced around them first for my grade 1s)
- Open it up to see your monster! 
- Draw details and decorate your monster :)

Here are some of our monsters hanging up in my classroom: 

We started out with some basic French vocabulary:
- Bonjour, je m'appelle ______ 
- Comment ça va (bien, mal, comme ci comme ça)
- #1-5
- Some basic weather (because it rained!! we had indoor recess twice.. a great time to introduce "il pleut") 
- J'aime ____ 
- Days of the week and months of the year songs (they already know the tunes from the English version they learned in kindergarten) 

I also introduced primary colours. They did a brainstorm in groups of 2-3 of all the things they could think of that are "rouge". I chose one of them to hang up on our wall, and will add the other colours as we do them! 

Was there anything that you did this week that stood out for your students? I'd love to hear about it! 

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