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Hey team!

After a crazy week at school, I finally feel settled and ready to go (just don't look in too many cupboards)! I took some pictures of my classroom to share.

Below are some levelled books. We use the French versions of the "Reading A-Z" books. I'm working on building this collection as I have to print off each book and cut/staple it, but it's getting there. A long term goal is to have enough of them that I can develop a home reading program. 

Does anyone have any French book sets that they use for guided reading in primary FI? We have yet to find any good ones. I'd love to know what you use! 

As I have a split class this year, my biggest challenge was dividing up the space in my room. I created a word wall for grade 1 and a separate wall for grade 2. There will also be a high frequency word wall, but I have yet to decide where that will go. I need to build some more walls... 

In between the pocket chart word walls I have a bulletin board. The grade 1 side has some calendar posters, and I will add to the grade 2 side with my kids as we review vocabulary. 

Underneath the board I have some levelled books. They can choose a book to look through when they finish their agenda message in the morning, and later on in the year they will be using these for daily 5.

To the left of the carpet area I have a little reading nook. 

Above that are strings with clips to hang student work from. 

And last but not least, the space in the corner will be developed into a writing centre! I want to add things slowly while going over routines with my students.

I'd love to know:
What book sets do you have in your classroom?? 
How are you running small group instruction in your FI classroom?

Leave a comment to share :)


  1. Hi! Love your site :). Do you know the series published by Cheneliere? We use GB+ for guided reading.

  2. Thank you!! Thanks for commenting!!
    We have GB + books for our reading cart and love them, but we don't have more than 2 copies of each book, and the carts are shared throughout our school between 10 FI classes :(
    Are you happy with them as guided reading sets?? As soon as we can get our hands on some money, they're the first thing on our FI wish list :)

    1. It's a challenge to share the GB+ books for us as well! There never seem to be enough to go around. We buy the packs of 6 of the same title for guided reading and I like them. We also have some levelled readers from Eaglecrest for GR. The Reading Recovery teacher uses them and likes them a lot, too.


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