This week in grade 1 and 2...

Grade 1:

This week we continued to practise our colours, numbers, and basic weather/calendar vocabulary. My students practised the colour mini books that they made last week, and are now starting to play our colour games in small groups. It's so great to hear them using the colours in French! We have also been playing "Simon dit" to introduce some basic body part vocabulary. 

We have also been learning our classroom objects! I made a book to read with them (because I could not find a book with classroom objects!) and some word wall cards that match. Once they are comfortable with the classroom objects, they will be making their own version of the book. 

Grade 2:

This week we worked on our fall vocabulary. We practised reading with the matching games:

And dominos!

In art, my students traced their hands and made line patterns. They turned out really well! 

We are starting our "Air and Water" unit this week as well! 

What are you working on in your classroom??

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