Back to school activities

Hey team! 

Less than two weeks now!! I'm anxious to get back to my classroom to get started on organizing. I can't wait to get my classroom all set up :) In the meantime I've been doing as much prep as I can from home. 

I've uploaded my most recent file with some back to school activities:

It also contains duplicates of some activities, so you can decide if you want your students to write or draw. My grade 1 students will be brand new to French, so they will have space to draw their answers, while my grade 2 students might be able to tackle writing a sentence or two. 

You can check it out here in French or English
**Both files contain the note to parents in ENGLISH, so that it can be sent home.

As always, shoot me an email or leave a comment if there is something you want to see ADDED to a file. I am always happy to update them! 

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