Classroom set up - colour posters

Hey team! 

After a busy two days, things are starting to come together! I have been putting a few things up on my walls and started setting up the whiteboard layout. Thankfully I've had help from an amazing friend who is reallllly good at taping straight lines. Turns out that is not one of my strengths! 

Here are my colour posters: (also available in english and spanish)

I have a 1/2 combined class this year, so it has been tricky navigating the space that I have on my walls. Above is the bulletin board by the carpet, split in half to give a space for each grade.

Here is my daily schedule space:

 And the birthday wall: (also available in english and bilingual)
I just need to get my class list so that I can get it all set up with their birthdays! I've laminated them and I am going to write on them with wet erase pens.

Hope you are all enjoying the craziness of the last few days before school starts :)

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