Loto – les mots fréquents

What games do you like to play to practice sight words? I use this set here.

My kids have tried:

-         -  Bug in a rug - Hide the bug under your cards. The student who guesses the card (pronounced correctly) with the bug underneath it gets to hide it the next time.

-         -  Memory – choose a handful of cards, flip them over. When a student correctly flips over a matching pair, they get to keep that pair. We play that they can only keep the pair IF they can say the words correctly.

-          - Loto – One person plays the bingo caller (or they can take turns pulling the bingo cards form a bucket). They have to repeat the word (to get them talking) before placing the token on their board. They love shouting “Loto!” (even though we keep playing when they get loto). You can use anything as your "tokens" (pasta shapes, small blocks, bingo chips, etc). 

What do your kids like to play?? 

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