Le son /a/

We started learning the sound /a/ this week. We are using a short simply poem, and also brainstorming more /a/ words. 

Today we made a class book, using the ideas from our poem as inspiration. I helped them write their sentence so that we can use the book in the class. They LOVED seeing their own work in the class book, it was a hit! I will read the book a few times this week to review the /a/ sound and some /a/ words. 


  1. Just found your blog this morning and I'm loving it! I'm new to Gr. 2 FI this year (after years of teaching Gr. 1 and FI SK) and I would love to share some ideas with you! I'm struggling with building up my repetoire of activities as well as figuring out my long range plans. Any suggestions you may have, I'd love to hear! My e-mail is heathermillerlocke@gmail.com.


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