Les Cinq au Quotidien

Have you tried it in your classroom? 

We have, and we love it! Because of the time constraints in a French Immersion classroom, we do NOT do it every day. Our goal is that our students get Daily 5 once a day, in EITHER French or English. This way they are still getting daily practice time to improve their literacy skills. 

There are many challenges, but we find the reward is worth it. The students learn how to independently choose their activities, how to work independently or in small groups, and how to manage their time effectively. 

While this is happening, it also frees up the teacher to work in small groups!! It gives your class valuable work that they can do (instead of busy work) while you are able to pull kids for focused support. Win-win!

I just printed and laminated the fall games here. I have been pulling my students to practice the "loto" activities in small groups. I have the students repeat the word after me before they place their token on the picture. The groups that are more advanced have had to say a sentence before placing their tokens on the picture. 

My students LOVE getting to play with the teacher. I played 2 games with each small group (3-4 kids), and got through my entire class in the 2 block period. It also allowed me to take notes on where they are right now with the new vocabulary for fall. 

What do YOU think? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.... 

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