Fall flashcards and vocabulary games

We started introducing this new vocabulary to our classes this past Monday - since it's (somehow!) already fall!!

This year I am trying to include lots of verbs with the vocabulary, so that they pick up more than just the nouns.  

I made this pack - it includes: 

- Word wall words (i have them in my writing centre)
- Fall word search activity 
- Fall word scramble
- Fall journal writing prompt - "En automne, j'aime" (I am going to use it as a class book) 
- Class book page 
- Loto/Bingo - 7 boards, and playing cards 
- Bang! cards

My class is loving the "loto" and "bang" games. I am playing loto in small groups with them while the rest of the class is doing their "5 au quotidien" activities. To make both games harder, I have the students use the words in a full sentence. 

Also - A Spanish version!

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