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Ok so it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring MIGHT be coming soon. We had snow on the weekend and rain this morning. No more negative temperatures in the forecast this week!!! 

Last week we went back to our seasonal changes unit to talk about the transition from winter to spring. My poor little ones were having a hard time wrapping their heads around the typical spring activities we talked about, as they're all very different to the snow and winter boots they're still experiencing. 

The best part was that some of them were circling the sounds in their writing! We've been circling sounds as we've been practicing them and it's so exciting to see them applying this :)

We have been practicing our spring vocabulary together and it's so neat to see how much faster they pick up new words as the year goes on. Our word list for spring is LONG, but we don't focus on all of the words in my spring pack. I start with a few and build from there. Some of them I put up on the wall in case students want to reference them, and even though we haven't practiced them all as a class, I always have a few who use some of them on their own. 

We had Scientists in School visit us last week to introduce our energy unit! They are SO wonderful. If you ever have the chance to invite them into your classroom, I'd highly recommend it! 

To pick up after their visit we did some sorting of the different types of energy sources! This is from my energy unit:

I've added some of the spring vocabulary into our centres as they've learned some of them well enough to use independently. 

They have also been using our words of the week cards to play a sight word game in partners. They sit across from each other (knee to knee) with a stack of cards. One player flashes a card quickly (I have no idea how they manage to see them, I struggle with this game!) and if the partner can say the word then they can keep that card. Their goal is to get the whole stack of cards! 

Hope your week has started out well! 

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