I took some photos to share this morning as we worked through some of our centres!

I try to keep a balance between introducing new vocabulary and keeping all the old (known) vocabulary in our centres. Some students like the change and challenge of new vocabulary - but I find some need the confidence that comes with those really familiar words. 

That's why you'll notice that many of my photos include classroom objects, fall, and winter words! As long as they're on task and engaged, I don't mind what they use! 

I have all of our word wall strips hanging on rings under my whiteboard. Some of my students use these to help them put together our matching puzzles! It lets them correct their own work, and scaffolds them with their reading.

As we're no longer focusing on winter words, I've moved our winter sentence building station off from my whiteboard and onto my filing cabinet. This creates a little area where students can continue to practice with these cards. 

I also have a pocket chart on the wall that they can use for our new spring words. There were many, many more words in our spring set than our winter one, so I can't squish them all onto the whiteboard - so they're doing this one in a pocket chart instead. I have pocket charts all over my walls using 3m hooks! 

My favourite is this cute little stand up pocket chart! They like to use this one to build mini sentences. I found this guy at a garage sale, so unfortunately I have no idea where you'd find one like this! 

These last three are all the exact same sentence building cards, but having them in 3 areas of the classroom gives them the feel of being different activities. I find that it helps create more interest in the activities, as students could move between them and still be practicing building sentences. The more options, the better :) 


  1. Hi Gemma! I am obsessed with your blog. I just started teaching Grade 1 French Immersion and i'm loving all of your resources and ideas! I'm wondering, do you just let them choose the centre they would like to work on? Do you give them a set amount of time at each centre, or can they move around freely?

    Melissa :)

  2. Hey Melissa!! Ah I'm so glad it's helpful!! :)

    I do centres two different ways:
    1. Whole class centres - I give them groups, each group rotates through each centre (one centre being small group instruction with me)! I do about 7-10 minutes depending on what they're working on with me and how much time we need.
    2. When they're done their work, they can choose any of the centres to work on. No set times, and total choice. They can clean up and move somewhere else at any time.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!!!
    Gemma :)


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