Words of the week

This week we are practicing the words: le, la, un, and une. 

It's felt like the perfect time to introduce them, as we've needed to quickly break the habit of "Il y a 3 un crayons" in our sentence building! Explicitly explaining what these words mean has helped them understand that if they are using a number in their sentence then they can drop the le, la, un, une, les, des from the in front of the word! 

We've added the 4 word wall cards to our calendar routine. We don't spent much time on them, but we practice reading them together using different silly voices. Right now I'm using that as an opportunity to teach some Halloween words (e.g un monstre, un pirate, un vampire)! 

When they line up to leave the classroom to wash their hands for lunch, I flash each of them a different flashcard and they read the word before they leave. 

We've also photocopied one of the practice sheets on the back of this week's song for their homework duotang, so they can do a quick review game at home as well. 

In class, we've played two of the "games" together. For this one, they find a word with a magnifying glass, circle it, and write it down: 

For this one, they spin a paperclip and write the word that it lands on. Once one word "wins" by reaching the top, then they write it on the line beside the trophy. I had them choose a crayon to rainbow write the rest of the words to fill up the grid (no sense not using that opportunity to practice more writing!)

Thankfully they thought this was really fun! It's also been a nice rewarding experience for me too, as I have heard them start to self correct "un" to "une" and vice versa as they are reading. They're also getting used to the idea that they DON'T say "Dans ma salle de classe, il y a 4 un crayons!" 

Yay for progress :) 

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