Words of the week & word work

We recently started practicing 4 words of the week per week. It makes for some fun centres that we can add to our rotations, and will help later on when we start focusing more on reading. We aren't doing any weekly assessments, but will do a simple check in after about 7 weeks (28 words). 

We practice the words using silly voices as part of our calendar routine. It isn't a huge focus, but they hear and read the words a few times a day for the week. I've added them to the bottom right corner of my pocket chart calendar!

We've added a few different activities to our centres (I updated my "J'ai fini" file with some new cards!). One is to spin the paperclip and graph the sight words they land on. I found a few of my students had a hard time holding the pencil and paperclip in place, so I attached the paperclip with a clip: *loosely, so it still spins*

The clip went easily through the page protector, which lets us save a TON of paper for these centres! 

We've also added magnets for word work. They take a ring of words and build them using magnets. We use cookie trays from the dollar store! 

*Photo cred to my AWESOME teaching partner!*

Of course, we are still also playing lots of "bang" and "bug in a rug" so that we continue to focus on oral communication!

What centres are your little ones enjoying? I'm always looking to add new centres to our rotation :) Leave a comment to share! 

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