Dans ma salle de classe - sentence building

This week we practiced building sentences! 

I drew 4 squares on the board and we talked through what would go in each square. I find that having the squares helps them understand the order they need to "build" their sentences in (sentence starter, number, object, colour). 

To practice, we started out building them as a class for a few minutes each day. 

After completing each sentence, we would read it together. Then they would turn to a partner and read it to their partner. Once they were comfortable with this (after a few days of practice), then they started trying to make up their own with a partner. 

After a few days of this, then I gave them each a mini whiteboard and they practiced writing their own with a partner. I was able to find an older French Immersion class at our school to do "buddies" with, and they had a great time practicing with their older buddies! 

(We use mittens from Dollarama as our whiteboard erasers!)

Then after a few days of practicing this way, they tried writing their own with a partner. I used the images from my "Dans ma salle de classe" pack, and they cut them up to put them in order. 

Next week they will try the same activity again independently, and I'll be checking in with each of them to assess where they are with both their vocabulary knowledge/pronunciation, and their understanding of the sentence structure. 

We will also be starting their own version of the "Dans ma salle de classe" book! I've been reading it with them every other day for the past 2 weeks, and they will write their own in the same style as the book. This will be assessed as an oral presentation! 

It's so much fun to see their progress! 

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